Better Way - Poem by D A Phinney

If you could go back and start all over
How much would you change and how much would you keep
How much would you trade of what you are
For what you could have been

And if you could make your wish right now
At whose expense would it be paid
Sailing o’re uncharted waters
Would you look back, look back and wish that you had stayed

When all the living that you try
Just keeps descending into lies
Until the truth just blows it all away
And when you try to sort it out
Does it only make you doubt
That you could ever find a better way

Asking questions of today
There’s no solution in the past
Find your answers in tomorrow
It’s the only thing that lasts

Like shifting sand upon the beach
The past’s forever out of reach
And even the sea cannot wash the shore away
Castles made of dreams you save
All dissolve before the wave
You must look ahead to find a better way

Poems by D A Phinney

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