If - Poem by D A Phinney

If you are a woman,
I have always wanted to be in there deeper than your skin
I have wanted to breathe your air, your scent like incense
I have longed to feel my hardness surrounded and defined by
your softness
I have craved the pull of your desires, the tidal surges
that move me at the center of my being
I have watched myself, the strange unknown mystery in the
black pool of your eye
I have seen the courage of your heart, like blind lightning
trusting the otherness of me that must remain alone
I have felt the power of your surrender and paraded my
victorious defeat
I have known all of art in your face suffused with desire, all of
architecture in the swells of your flesh
I have mused upon the music of your sleep sounds
I have experienced the flush of your taste upon my tongue
when you are far away
I have learned you are forever unknowable, yet I have known you
I have been stung by the ease of your abandoning of me
I have been overcome by the singleness of your attention and care
I have tasted your sorrow and your joy in the kiss of your tears
I am always something greater and better with you in my life
And I am never quite myself without you

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