Fzzzt! - Poem by D A Phinney

'Cheese Louise! ' exclaims High Sally.
'Nacho, ' replies Slick Dark,
'You gotta keep a corduroy
Or he wanders away.'
'Too tough, too rough! ' she
Ups his braids, setting Gyroy free and spun out.
'Hands off! The slice and dice
Can't come too soon, ' he alerts.
She backs into the petrified jelly cart
With the always broke hand brake.
'Donut do that, ' he intones,
Slyly slipping in his banana
Peel logic, 'Let me set my compass
By the plight of the Moon.'
High Sally squeeks, 'I'm decomposing
An ode to filings! I saw it in a mag.
What do you synapse? ' 'Die, ode, ' he snarks.
But at just this critical junction
Comes a long caterpillar
Raising one and then another.
'Howdy good-bye, ' he passes timely,
Showing first on then off his
Tubularness. 'High, ' leaps Sally,
Swooning to the syncopation
Of his shoes. 'Don't be a deranger, '
Slick reduxes, feeling for his lariat.
'Hoo dat? ' the Grinder lumes down
Above the alley, his window glaring.
'No show! ' Slick Dark sirens the night,
While Sally highs at Grindy's shadow line,
Up there where the stars are fitful
With indecision. 'I'm waitin' for the rain, '
He gears to them below. 'Stampeding
Ain't my style, ' says Slick with frequency,
But his hoof cleats time with the night;
The parade is on the way, come to
Quell the rukus, and Slick will sally
Away and Sally is half willing
Him to stop somewhere around the break.
But the soft rains are steeling in,
And the rust is sure to follow,
As sure as silence follows sleep.
'Closing time! ' Slick beeps, catching
Sally popping a spring from an ear.
They find caterpillar caterwauling,
'I've lost my bearings! ' while Grinder
Keeps repeating, 'Oregon O-Oregon O-, '
Which makes High Sally trip. And the last
Thing, over all, as the dam night ended,
Was the sound, the swill, of the organic flow
That carried out its infiltration, freeing
And emancipating the electrons that had
Kept time with them all, so that time,
At last, sprung down, and Slick and Sally,
Like many robantic couplings, finally
Lost their resistance and entroped.

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