2 Physics - Poem by D A Phinney

Now there are several dimensions to love;
Seeing's inadequate, too much is missed.
If only seeing were needed to prove,
Eyes would be open and light would be kissed.
But something must synchronize deep in the heart
Where senses are swayless. The resonant strings
In harmonies pre-written sound with no start
Or ending: it's us the melody sings.

Reality's faceted, flash in the eye
By one plane obscures all the rest. When we sight
A coin and say heads, or say tails, we lie,
For, conscious of one part, the other we slight.
At high speed a particle splits into two;
Change spin of the first and, though distant by years,
The other will only the opposite do,
And instantly, proving it's all done with mirrors.
In every new particle's folded all others;
Determining consciousness dictates what's seen.
Mass viewpoint assures, as we're sisters and brothers,
The whole of the Cosmos is our mental screen.
Conceptual Universe then is the state,
Reflecting us back to the sight of our souls;
But why in such beauty does distance grow great,
And what, God, portend the abysmal black holes?

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