You Fall - Poem by Yahdaj Roseney

what will you give?
if you own the world
but destroyed yourself in the process
what could you give?
to get yourself back
thoughts guide you through
but fears hide you from the truth
and when all hell brakes loose
a game begins to start
never will you win so you lose
healing scars begin to bruise
where would you go next?
that, you have to choose
but the wrong way seems so right
yet, the right way seems so wrong
at first your just lost
but your really hurt when your gone
in line you wait your turn
and memories are left to burn
then it all comes down
and you fall...
hit the ground, crash, shatter, burn
know your ready to learn
so you open your eyes to see
the harshest of reality
you fight to become what your bounded to be
bet then destiny deals its card
then you realize its hard
no longer can you hold on
let go
the world pushes down on you
everyone left but it hasn't yet dawned on you
lost and stumbled upon
you think they've found you
but the criticism and remarks surround you
when there's no one to go to
you fall cause there's no one there to hold you.

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