A Moment Of Silence - Poem by Yahdaj Roseney

Bow your head and listen
its a lesson to learn
yet it your not getting
but you raise your hand to ask a question
but no one can answer
so you bow your head in silence
they all begin to laugh
not with you but at you
you sit alone because theres nothing you can do
you ask for peace
to be left alone
but tears fall when your on your own
burning memories
and riping pasts
hoping for moments that will last
so listen now and listen good
because my ears are open
atleast someones should
poor it all out to me open your heart
all of it builds up inside
so its tearing you a part
can we have a moment of silence
for the times you tried but in the end failed
a moment of silence for when the truths revailed
and someone actually wants to listen
a moment of silence for concentration
hear your heart beat
so when you look up you'd be standing by me
Can we have a moment of silence?

Poems by Yahdaj Roseney

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