Thus Spoke Tamara - Poem by Fahredin Shehu

I have polished the eyes of suffered child
Removing steamy layers of his vision
To see a sparkling teeth while I smile
And my soul’s dormant and well hidden planet of hate

I have washed the stratosphere of disasters
Their parents layered meticulously in his being
With tears with love impregnated
I have peeled all membranes of polluted spirit

I bestowed a smile to a frog
And a kiss to a silenced jade

I have leaked the dew from the petal of the white rose
And counted rubies from the ripened pomegranate

I have planted all sorts of fruits
And made a playground for all of us
You may call it orchard
You may call it plantation of Love’s newborn
But I know its Tachyon-ic soil
Where only Love may plant its seed

I have tailored an emerald dress
And perfumed it with amber for every child to wear
I feed every stomach
With bedazzling light of my soul
To make them transparent
To make them enlightened

I have created the army of smile
And called all experts to dismantle the machinery of hate
In the fields of light’s symphony
In eternity’s holly moment

I have embraced all visible and invisible infants
And rejoiced their happiness

I have squeezed all weapons
Human and demon have created
And made a powder so by every pinch
A smile gave birth to love

Poems by Fahredin Shehu

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