A Honeycomb - Poem by Fahredin Shehu

I’m not here
To say the pride of forgotten past
Nor I’m here to sing miraculously
Suras and Sutras of the Holy Scriptures

I’m not here to watch fallen mulberry fruits
In river swimming as a dried leafs
Nor I’m here to pray endlessly
As a sages to repent for
Sinful mundane ignorant

I’m here to kiss the sky in its forehead
And between two eyes where
The star has to spark its beauty

I’m here to perfume your soul
And dry in the sunny-golden pollen

I’m here too, to feed your lungs
With the air of the lost world
Eternally washed in the rivers of soul

I’m the soil of your secret sowed
As a wheat seeds in the fall
Waiting spring to green the fields
And to golden summer with poppies decorated

And fireflies during short nights
Dancing erotic games

Waiting fall to feed the holy stomach
Of enfant terrible
Perpetually called ME
The sarcophagus of your secret

I’m lost …you, concentrated
In a formula dissolved
To respond on their enigmas.

Poems by Fahredin Shehu

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