From A Master -To A Disciple. - Poem by Humera Sultana

A beautiful young girl came to me
With three roses of desire
One for life, one for love and one for the soul she aspired.
"Master, master, take me into your fold
For I am sick and tired.
I feel no warmth in my breast
And in my eyes burns no fire.
The glory of life does not appeal
And the secrets of soul, I cannot conceal.
The houries in the heavens propelled me down
Go live your life on earth, then come for the crown."
I ushered her into my chamber
And bestowed her a favour.
'Young lass, sleep at ease
And you will leave my chamber in peace".
I told her with a quiver.
(And she slept in tranquility) .

I tiptoed into her heart and pulled aside the silken blinds,
And marveled at what each cell enshrined!
One was holy as a shrine
And the other was pure as snow
Yet another one had the warmth of a flame
And the last one was strong as death.
Three roses saw I in the garden of heaven
Love bloomed in aromatic pain
Life rustled in vain
And the soul reigned its heavenly domain!
I trembled.shuddered and quickly covered it with desire.
Her heart had the warm tints of LIFE
Ready to flame into fire.
'Your hold on life is marvelous—young lady, I said
And you do not need a sire''.(Master)

Now will this damsel in distress
Open up and speak-
If she wants a preacher in her temple so sacred
Or gather the honey of friendship with a comrade.
And hold the mood forever, precious and blessed
To carry it into the firmament of love!

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