My Journey - Poem by Humera Sultana

Who am I?
I am the first cry
Of a new-born baby
Naked and utterly helpless
Wailing-‘Love me, for I am
Yours, Mother. I come from the
Deep recesses of a sacred womb.'

I am an intoxicating attribute of God
Whose oneness I utter in every prayer
I am the tread of every young and old
That hither to the call of prayer.

I am the quiver aroused by the touch of the beloved
The bruise on my beloved’s lips
A kiss whose lingering taste
Wakes me up to its moment
I am the glisten of the beads of libido.

I am the charm that hangs around your neck
Enslaved and engraved-‘You are the chosen one’.
I am a fragrant memory that keeps me in a delirium
A drop of radiance that enthralls every eye that sees it.

I am a myriad specks of dust- enshrouded, lying
Utterly helpless, lowered into the womb of
Mother Earth-helpless I come and helpless I leave
‘Love I am and to love I return.’

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