Lady Loki - Poem by R K Summers

Sly-One< br>Sky-Traveler
Wizard of Lies

I was never into pet names.
But he loved them.
Dancing around with the shadows
on the wall.
Dressed in orange and red and yellow.
He’d shape-shift into everything I loved.
First a cat
I’d tease him with string
and laugh when he fell over himself.
Then a swan.
I’d sigh with delight
when he’d sail across the glass waters.
Next a panda cub.
He’d stare at me with those big black eyes,
and my heart would melt.

I didn’t care that he was the villain.
All ladies love a bad boy.
Liar, cheater, coward, robber.
Until he overstepped his boundaries
and became a murderer.

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