Aphrodite - Poem by R K Summers

The woman without a childhood. Born of blood and sea,
Infinitely wanted by all. A noose around hearts, and
A girdle around desire. Love, lust and sex. The original cupid.
Too beautiful to be let loose. Instead married off to a cripple.
A blacksmith with hands rougher than sandpaper.
Eyes blacker than sin.

The one thing I want.
The one thing I can’t have.
Infidelity built this mountain.
The volatile war,
A stallion between the sheets.

Silken rose, black swan, dove with a broken wing,
Typical whore. Absinthe stained lips.
Constantly hounded by the three Graces
Bestowing Helens beauty onto Paris, son of Priam.
And watching the war with a smile on my face.
Venus. Ishtar. Turan. Nepthys.
Forever Aphrodite.

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