Deaf Lightning And Blind Thunder - Poem by R K Summers

A Blind brother calls through the clouds,
Deaf lightning dances to the sounds,
Twisting round and round, ribbonesque;
Flickering like a candle flame, never at rest.

A Deaf sister splits the dark night scene,
Blind thunder summoning her, his sister queen,
Curling around clouds with a beating howl,
He sings to the night in his reverberant growl

She hears not him, he sees not her,
A Blind brother and a Deaf sister,
They never can experience each other,
And yet they are always together.

Imagine never hearing the growls of thunder creaks,
Or witnessing the fierce veins of lightning streaks,
Yet they never understand the beauty they keep
And so every time they perform, they weep.

Poems by R K Summers

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