Indescribable Heart - Poem by Earl Moore

Indescribable Heart

Indescribable, the heart so little attention
It has never received any honorable mention
The life saving blood so precious to give
each day pumping so that each one of us lives

Indescribable, the heart so it beats
With pulsating rhythm, constantly repeats
While cruising in veins so evidently clear
A heart-pounding noise so beautiful to hear

Indescribable, the heart promise slows
The years pass away, time fleeting to flight
Struggling to deliver the promise of a good fight
Time is an enemy as veins attempt to close

Indescribable, the heart slow to evolve
Painful consequences, can hardly resolve
The clogging of veins with costly emotion
And a pulse relying on insufficient motion

Indescribable, the heart, failing to deliver
So let us not mourn, or never to sorrow
For task completed in God’s holy will
The breeze, the breath of God, is perfectly still

Poems by Earl Moore

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