Life Time - Poem by Eli MorenoDrew

Life is short,
Some even say too short.

I believe that life is too short
To be not liked
Not loved,
Not welcome.

Life is too short
To leave wounds undressed
And caustic tongues unchecked.

Life is too short to stay in one place.

Is not too short
For long sleeps
And baby births
And crossword puzzles.
Nor has it ever been
Or ever will be,
Too short to love.
Love is ubiquitous,
The mere rocks you run over
In your long hikes.

Pick up a rock and hold it
Because time will come
If it’s not already here.

Life is too long and too short
For melancholy beds with
Vacant sheets.
We need those beds at times
And at times need those sheets
To be filled with lust and skin.

Time, in turn, will always be ahead.
Don’t judge it by what it is or what it is not.
The fact is that time is a fact.
Love time and time will love you.

Poems by Eli MorenoDrew

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