Heroines Of My Life - Poem by kabagambe moses

The hour glass counts,

Hours, Days, Months, Years,

And still i smile.

Not because you left,

But what you left.

Its not by fate,

Its not by choice,

That we never made it,

To this golden day,

It is by Gods grace.

So dont shade a tear,

Just know am doing fine.

You touched my life,

You shaped my dreams,

And its not by grace,

Its not by faith,

That i learned to give,

Its your seed in me.

Was a young man,

With only a dream,

Nothing much to offer,

You took that dance.

May laugh about this,

Thanks for loving me,

Was lost in a lonely place,

You helped me discover me.

Was a young man,

with only a dream.

To all those honey, s,

To all those heroines,

Who shaped this life,

Your always in my prayers.

Just a young man,

Nothing more to offer,

You took that dance,

Thanks for loving me.

Poems by kabagambe moses

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