Breathren - Poem by kabagambe moses

I smell it in my finger,

I feel it in my veins,

If this isn't indigestion,

Love is haunting me!

At times i vision Amin Dada

at Ten.Standing in the rain,

Wandering if anyone really cares,

Puzzled about loves true colors,

His innocence slowly melting away.

The gap's left you omniscient!

Can you define strain?

Its smelling your rapists breathe,

Kissing his sticky -sweaty chest,

Surrendering innocence to ignorance.

Every rose is burdened by thorns.

Love is an art

Not a science.

Its the small things

Not the bulky ones,

Self denial verses Self love.

Sexuality drains the mind,

Youths dear sower pleasure,

There number one poverty trap,

Rush and Crush!

Inside of every man

There is a question unanswered,

That's easy: open your ears,

Close your eyes, breathe deep,

Let the music heal your soul.

Regardless of past experiences,

those you'd rather i know not,

i believe your a shinning star,

shine brighter and brighter.


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