Precipitation - Poem by RIC S. BASTASA

(This comes from the wikipedia in a research made by my
Nephew, a high school dropout, who still has a year of
Thinking whether to go back to school or not, and he is no
Good writer, simply cutting and pasting this report as follows :)

In meteorology,
precipitation is any product of the condensation of atmospheric water vapor that is deposited on the earth's surface.
It occurs when the atmosphere (being a large gaseous solution)
becomes saturated with water vapour and the water condenses and falls out of solution (i.e., precipitates) .
Air becomes saturated via two processes,
cooling and
adding moisture.
Precipitation that reaches the surface of the earth can occur in many different forms, including
freezing rain,
snow, sleet,
and hail.

Virga is precipitation that begins falling to the earth but evaporates before reaching the surface.
Precipitation is a major component of the hydrologic cycle, and is responsible for depositing most of the fresh water on the planet.
Approximately 505,000 km³ of water falls as precipitation each year,398,000 km³ of it over the oceans.Given the Earth's surface area, that means the globally-averaged annual precipitation is about 1 m, and the average annual precipitation over oceans is about 1.1 m.

My nephew is a mediocre student
A moron who hates school
And I do not really mind
It is his matter of a find

He can have all his quick dives
And consume all his nine lives

Nine night lives of a cat
If he dies or gets into trouble
I remain his loyal uncle,

But so much so for that
I will not be talking about him

I will be talking about
The importance of precipitation

The factors of precipitation
The precipitating factors

Why my friend in the Hall of Justice
Swallowed a bottle of pesticide
In the comfort room
And he instantly died
Leaving a wife and five kids
Leaving the vacancy of an interpreter

Why did he ever do that?

Was his soul an atmosphere largely
A solution of bad memories of past gases
And becoming saturated with
All his present unacceptable gaseous
Solutions in his being
He has
Become saturated with a devilish vapour
And the foul liquids of his minds
Condense and fall out of solution

Precipitating into a giving mind
Surrendering like a hopeless enemy
Going towards enemy lines
Raising a white handkerchief

Here comes another loser
Here comes a surrenderee

Giving up
He becomes so saturated

And so he commits himself to such a simple term on which we call commonly call a


Could it be that denial is such a bad gas
And the precipitating factors of indifference
From those inhuman around him

Made him finally fall as

A dropping of another rain a precipitation which we shall now
Assign in such a very simple term as



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