The End Of The World - Poem by Obhiraj Nandi

I'm gonna tell you about,
A rich man named Arnold,
Who considered 20.12.2012,
To be the end of the world.

He had a pool of money,
Obtained through his multi-national company,
Yet he lived economically,
Without spending an extra penny.

He lived a life of prosperity,
And had not a single fright,
He was respected wherever he went,
And his life had been bright.

The day he heard about the disaster,
Frightened he was like mice,
In the company of hungry cats,
And there added another spice.

Months and months passed by,
May is now on peak,
Thoughts now maddened him,
So he thought to speak.

He relied on only his wife,
So she was told by Arnold,
That 20.12.2012,
Is the end of the world.

But she ridiculed his world and said,
"I think you've gone mad,
World will remain till eternity,
So don't become so sad."

Poor Arnold, he tried to speak,
But he was ignored,
Finding no one else reliable,
His thoughts were kept to him stored.

But a horrible thing struck Arnold,
After the disaster if he survives,
What will he eat, where will he live,
How would he strive?

He thought of a plan,
He would collect provisions,
For the afterlife he will spend,
After the people vanish from the nations.

But for his social life,
He will enjoy it now,
And is ready to spend every penny,
Without thinking of answering ‘how'.

He went for horse-racing & casino,
He spent money with extravagant friends,
Not belonging to his category,
But transforming into modern trends.

See how fear from disaster can,
Change a frugal into money-spending,
And waste money on useless items,
As well infinitely expending.

And so, he collected provisions,
And enjoyed social life,
And spent every penny of his pocket,
By spending on himself and his wife.

But he used to think,
How will the world end,
World War III, natural calamity,
Or alien invasion, to make us penned.

And finally came the crucial day,
The world became devastated,
Eight was reduced to seven,
And the blue planet faded.

The reason was most surprising,
All of them occurred simultaneously,
WW3, alien invasion and global warming,
Destroyed the planet mercilessly.

And as Arnold had feared,
He survived throughout,
With provision left for a month,
And the outer space to master.

And he suddenly heard his wife's voice,
Saying, "Wake up, Mr. Arnold,
You are sleeping as if,
It is the end of the world."

Poems by Obhiraj Nandi

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