(((All Wet))) The Song - Poem by Theodora (Theo) Onken

On down the river of circumstance
Drowning in a sea of despair
I try to shelter my heart
Knowing that you are no longer there
Under an unwelcome wave of disagreements
Swallowed up by tides of disdain
I try to control my teardrops
As they fall like the pouring rain
Knowing that you're gone from my presence
Knowing that you're no longer near to my shore
Is breaking my heart and soul into pieces
Knowing that you don't love me any more
Can't seem to reconcile your absence
Can seem to deal with this pain
Under a cloud of overwhelming heartache
Consumed by unending torrents of rain
Oh where oh where is my Rainbow?
Oh where oh where can it be?
Soaked am i from sea to the sky
Wishing that you were here with me
No need to look for the sunshine
No need to look for blue sky
No need to get my hopes up
Just too many reasons to cry
Flooded by unending bodies of water
Rivers to seas of despair
Tears that fall as raindrops
They are simply everywhere...

An original song written by me

Dedicated to all who know the loss of love

Ocober 20,2011

Poems by Theodora (Theo) Onken

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