Zachary Buchholz Poems

Zachary Buchholz Poems

1Always On My Mind
2Forgotten Me
3Why I Cry

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Forgotten Me
When all finally seemed alright,
and I was done trying to fight,
after all my pain had subsided away,
I really looked forward to the next day,

Later as I was walking down the road,
thinking as I walked there in the cold,
I got a feeling that something was wrong,
I felt like I didn't belong . . .
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Always On My Mind
I silently gaze into her gleaming eyes,
only I can see her many hidden lies,
I never said a word,
because my thoughts didn't need to be heard,

She acts like she doesn't know,
but when we're alone it begins to show,
all of those lies begin to fade away,
but it didn't help at all my dismay,
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