hasmukh amathalal Poems

hasmukh amathalal Poems

2#03 Rifles And Canvass Shoes
3' थोड़ा इंसानी जज्बा जो दे दिया है ' thoda insaani
4' प्यार में कोई खिलवाड़ नहीं'pyaar me koi
5' बस होगा ही अच्छा 'bas hoga hi
6'Sharda' The Goddess Of Power Or Knowledge
7'उपहार अनमोल है 'uphaar anmol hai
8'खिलखिलाके हंस दिए ': khilkhilake
9'थोडा सा कड़वा अनुभव' Thodasaa Kadvaa
10'फांसी दो, फांसी दो ' fansi do
11'बेअदबी मत करना' Beadbi Mar Karnaa
12'मानवधर्म दिखाते रहेंगे 'manavdharm
13'मेरी मस्ती ही मेरी अमिरी है ' Meri Masti Hi
14'येही तो परिपेक्ष है'yehi to
15'लंका की लाडी'
16'लाल स्याही से" Lal Syahi Se
17'समय का अभाव' Samay Kaa
18'हम सुखी रहे'Ham Sukhi Rahe
19'બધુજ મને મંજુર છે' badhuj mane
20'માણસ મસ્તાન છે' manas mastaan
21'મિચ્છામિ દુક્કડમ' Michhami Dukkadam
22'લાગે શુષ્ક અને નમાલું" છે.
23'સમય ઘણો બળવાન છે' samay ghano
24'હૈયું શમણાં માં'haiyu shamnaa maa
25* Khushi Or Joy
2610 K Poem
2812k Poems
2914th January
30200 Poems This Month
31400th Mark
32?? ?????.. I Was Unaware
33??? ?????? ???.. Not Human Being
34???? ??? ? ??? ??.. Why I Miss Him
35???????.. Expectation
36A Blood Relation
37A More And More
38A Never Ending
39A Uncharitable Remark
40A Wrong Praise
41A 'No' To Attachment
42A 'Papa, Please'
43A 500th Poem
44A Action Not In Haste
45A Affirmative Action
46A Answer Within
47A Attempt To Lie
48A Baby Boom
49A Bad Day
50A Bad Dream

Best Poem of hasmukh amathalal

Justice Delayed
Can justice be delayed under any circumstances?
Numerous cases can be sighted for instances
Can that not be amounted as justice denied?
Well, conscious should always bite if it is laid

Constitution enshrined for liberty and freedom
Forefathers too considered and thought it as wisdom
Sacrifice made for . . .
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Personal Pride
"Aham Brahmasmi"* one powerful king declared
Despite he known fact he dared
The result was soon became known
His remains were buried at place unknown

The legend says "ego hurts all"
I causes certain down fall
No one has escaped result
It only invites insult

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