Best Poem of Xielgnihhan Amasahdympaehk

Dreams Of Life And Love
“As I fall asleep, I am thinking of the one who,
Keeps my life together at the seams,
But at night, all I do,
Is dream of you, my Little Sun Beam.

All night long, I think of your face so fair,
For I love you more than anything,
After I wake up, my mind is everywhere,
But at the same time, our l . . .
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Alone Again
As she sits in the rain,
She begins to think again,
About all the things that she has done,
The smiles, the tears, the battles she has won,
But she cannot get over one little thing,
That has brought sadness since the last spring,
Of her lost lover, dead over there,
That was murdered in despair,
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