Best Poem of Padma Prasad Devkota

Swimming The Unknown Depths
Swimming has a beginning and an end. The depth
invites and lures my being with promises
of powerful potentialities, I dive into the trembling light
of blue enchantment to retrieve
pearls of human power,
I create globes of wonder, gates of gold.

Breathless surfacing is a race for life,
but the blue . . .
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A Pang Called Love

To the Reader
I. The Lord of Love
II. The Birth of Urvashi
III. The Divine Danseuse
IV. The Wandering Nymph
V. The Hero and the Nymph
VI. The Confluence of Love
VII. Gandhamadan
VIII. The Ruse of the Gods
IX. Love Regained
X. The Gem of Union
XI. Reversals of Fate
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