Best Poem of hadarms dha poet

Brutal Love
Am so sorry for my STATE
The love you gave me now it's LATE
Ignored my mummy cos of LOVE
My daddy I shoved feeling GOV
Always a truant when in SCHOOL
Other females I ever SHOO
Forfeited my fees for your WORTH
For you were not the rich-type SORT
New things I saw never went UN-BOUGHT
For I wanted . . .
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More To Life.
There is more to life than just CRYING; It all started with a JOKE Teasing and smiling with your FOLKS Laughing in pains and crying in GAINS No one wants to live in VAIN. Life is short, mum is GONE Dad is done, leaving ONE Life ends here, that you THOUGHT An orphan surely had no LOTS Watching a scene on your SCREEN An accident that makes . . .
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