Emily Dickinson Poems

Emily Dickinson Poems

2"Faith" Is A Fine Invention
3"Heaven" Has Different Signs&Mdash;To Me
4"Heaven"—Is What I Cannot Reach!
5"Houses"&Mdash;So The Wise Men Tell Me
6"I Want"&Mdash;It Pleaded&Mdash;All Its Life
7"Nature" Is What We See
8"Unto Me?" I Do Not Know You
9"Why Do I Love" You, Sir?
10'Arcturus' Is His Other Name
11'Faithful To The End' Amended
12'Morning' Means 'Milking' To The Farmer
13'Speech'—is A Prank Of Parliament
14'They Have Not Chosen Me,' He Said
15'Tis Anguish Grander Than Delight
16'Tis Customary As We Part
17'Tis Good&Mdash;The Looking Back On Grief
18'Tis Little I—could Care For Pearls
19'Tis Not That Dying Hurts Us So
20'Tis One By One — The Father Counts
21'Tis Opposites&Mdash;Entice
22'Tis So Appalling&Mdash;It Exhilarates
23'Tis So Much Joy!
24'Tis Sunrise&Mdash;Little Maid&Mdash;Hast Thou
25'Tis True—they Shut Me In The Cold
26'Twas A Long Parting&Mdash;But The Time
27'Twas comfort in her Dying Room
28'Twas Just This Time, Last Year, I Died
29'Twas Like A Maelstrom, With A Notch
30'Twas Love—not Me
31'Twas The Old—road—through Pain
32'Twas Warm—at First—like Us
33'Twould Ease—a Butterfly
34A Bird Came Down
35A Book
36A Burdock&Mdash;Clawed My Gown
37A Charm Invests A Face
38A chilly Peace infests the Grass
39A Clock Stopped -- Not The Mantel's
40A Cloud Withdrew From The Sky
41A Coffin—is A Small Domain
42A Counterfeit - a Plated Person -
43A Darting Fear&Mdash;A Pomp&Mdash;A Tear
44A Day! Help! Help! Another Day!
45A Death Blow Is A Life Blow To Some
46A Door Just Opened On A Street
47A Doubt If It Be Us
48A Drop Fell On The Apple Tree
49A Dying Tiger&Mdash;Moaned For Drink
50A Feather From The Whippoorwill

Best Poem of Emily Dickinson

I Was The Slightest In The House

I was the slightest in the House—
I took the smallest Room—
At night, my little Lamp, and Book—
And one Geranium—

So stationed I could catch the Mint
That never ceased to fall—
And just my Basket—
Let me think—I'm sure—
That this was . . .
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The First Day That I Was A Life

The first Day that I was a Life
I recollect it—How still—
That last Day that I was a Life
I recollect it—as well—

'Twas stiller—though the first
Was still—
"Twas empty—but the first
Was full—

This—was my finallest . . .
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