Best Poem of P. A. Donohue

Purple Heart And The Bagdad Five.
Broken hearts when you went away
Serve government and God they say
Deploy to where they need control
Weekly recon; daily patrol

Way too much down time, to hang out,
Barrack’s, trailers or where’s about
War-play videos or read smut,
Text your baby 'one-liner' hug

Loneliness factor to this gam . . .
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Sit And Go
Players assemble six I know
The buy-ins presented, sit and go
Drinks poured, cigars lit, chips piled high
Hope luck is my bitch, that's all right
Button on my right my blind small
Ante is cheap and so I call
Paired eights go trip popped the flop
Bullet shows too high pair got topped
Raised bet squeeze . . .
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