Ukaonu Doris Obianuju Poems

Best Poem of Ukaonu Doris Obianuju

My Generation Is Porous
O ye troubled generation!
Why art thou so porous,
You crave for riches,
You lust for money,
You desire the land boats,
Yet thou lacks focus.

O ye inhabitants of my time!
Thy hearts sings a bizarre chorus
Of which thy roots perceives so incongruous.
Replicate the ways of the lotus,
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Ode To My Better Half
There goes my friend,
Who winds round my heart like a thread.
With smiles so beautiful to rule,
Bounding both hearts without a glue.
Though I own no clock to prowl,
Nor a cock to crow,
The whispers of thy breath, serves a wake up call.
But in thy absence, the day shines so dull.
If only nature . . .
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