Vachaspati Dwivedi Poems

Best Poem of Vachaspati Dwivedi

Leaders And People
My father once said...
There were leaders and people
Forced in slavery
Doing Satyagraha
Sharing lathis, boots and abuses
Endless pains and bullets
Of the British
For Independence.

In 1947, they went back home
And made a ‘tryst with destiny’
Fasting and feasting
T . . .
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Bits Of Life
Life is no sanctuary
Of desire and fulfillment
Each day extends
Vagaries of nothingness
And I go on
Eating solitude and slow time
Bit by bit
With silence.

My walks to the beach
Brings images intermixed
The chopping of waves
The hustling of winds
Amid chicken roasting . . .
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