E. M. Schorb Poems

E. M. Schorb Poems

3The Nursing Home

Best Poem of E. M. Schorb

The Nursing Home
There are more women than
men in the nursing home and
more men than old doctors.

Staff doctors visit once a
month. The few old men do
very little but sleep. Two

or three of them occasionally
gather outside in clear
weather for a smoke, which

is allowed them. I suppose
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Vanish these walls, vanish this wealth, with visionary eyes that see
back to hot July 1863. Vanish where wealth shines shopping on Fifth
Avenue, five minutes from the lion-braced library, where I turn down

my book. Vanish these great, gray walls, to see when this mirage
was another, of a white-winged building . . .
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