J H Eccles Poems

J H Eccles Poems

1Aunt Nancy
2Ode To T' Mooin

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Ode To T' Mooin
I like to see thy quaint owd face
Lewk softly daan on me,
E'en though I ne'er could find thy nose
Nor catch thy watchful ee.

Full monny times I've seen thee rise,
When busy day were done,
When daan behint t' owd maantain tops
Had passed t' breet evenin' sun.

I like to see thee when . . .
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Aunt Nancy
Aunt Nancy's one o' t' savin' sort,
At niver lets t' chonce pass;
Yet wouldn't do owt mean or low
For t' sake o' gettin' t' brass.

Her home's as clean as need be seen,
Whoiver may go in;
An' as for Nancy, dear-a-me!
Shoo's like a new-made pin.

Shoo's full o' thrift an' full o' . . .
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