Xam Zephyrine Hosea Enano Poems

Xam Zephyrine Hosea Enano Poems

1'Til I Found You
3Never Be Captivated By Anyone

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'Til I Found You
Once I thought that everything was all right,
The air was cool and the moon was bright,
I grew up thinking of nothing else,
Nothing else, but myself.

I closed my eyes to think
In my life I found nothing
Is the world wrong or am I?
That I found nothing to be inspired by.

I wished and . . .
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It started on a warm twilight,
when you captivated me until midnight,
now being hurled by your shadow,
just made my heart feel so hollow.

Don't know what to put inside,
to make this miserable feeling subside,
suppressed by all my frights,
seemed like a nightmare at night.

Thought . . .
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