UKWENI engee Poems

UKWENI engee Poems

1An Aide Avowed
2My Sonnet To Yu

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My Sonnet To Yu
Pink and purple wall enclose me
Princess of beauty bed I lay on
A writer inspired by moments not events
for combination of an ink and script I smile
I feel and I write until I end the poems notes
And all I have written is YU

I pray for you more than I pray for myself
When I am away from you for more . . .
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An Aide Avowed
Beautiful autumn mildly draw nearer
cold wind and inspiring colors
peace of mind and genial smiles draw near
replace the tears we shed
the words of hurt we speak
the heart ache we feel since
our girls went missing

Our girls, who were bright and auspicious
who aspired to be excellent . . .
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