Best Poem of M A Parry Eugene

The Sands Of Life
Newness strange seized me through as I softly walked,
In the desert desolate sans a sand of life to be talked;
Visions of life beyond the sands shone
on that inward eye,
Elysian oasis in the sand and simmer or maze of mind stood by;
Dear devotions, eerie emotions here
they spring like Autumn flowers,
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The Moment Of Rain
'You drenched yourself in rain as though you were in pain,
I could hear you crying in the sad music of rain;
Was the sorrow too deep that you had to hide in vain,
The tears under the shadow of the somber saddening rain?
Out there in a corner, I shared some secret dear sorrow,
Since the Moment of Rain: today too . . .
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