I. Griffiths Poems

I. Griffiths Poems

1Our Wedding Day
2Remembrance Day

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Our Wedding Day
My mind keeps going back today,
To nineteen forty two, our wedding day,
I walked down the aisle, and saw you there,
My heart filled with love, and I made a prayer.

Asking God to make me a good wife to you,
And that from the war, he would bring you safe through,
My prayers were answered, praise be . . .
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Remembrance Day
And old man stands in silence,
With bowed head and watery eye,
His thoughts are far away on foreign ground,
Where his dear comrades lie.

He thinks of those great warriors,
Those brave hearts just in their teens,
Who gave their life for their country,
For freedom, and all that it means.
. . .
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