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The Trick Of A Dream
I knew, the dream that I’m to dream does know, how much I am an addict to the elixir.
I know how painful would even my dream feel, when I fall off the cliff.
I know how distasteful would the dream be from a misfortune’s sniff..

I was carried away by the true self in me, though I knew the path was paved with thorns,
F . . .
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Love Again
Sang I, in the midst of the night,
Aloud, So could you hear,
Caught up with some strange fright,
As If the time to part was near
I sang,
My heart is a Whirling Dervish..
Round and round he goes..
With the rhythm inherent,
And I sing the song of my soul..
The harp I play is my Love for . . .
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