Best Poem of Ugoh Ifeanyi

Afraid Of The Dark
Swept by the illusion of the passing day;
Out on the floor i lay;
Clenched are my teeths with no words to say;
All my mind left to stray;
Fall the day to the night all with shy;
Smoke and breezes so dry;
Wait i for the dooms-day.

Darkness glooms with its awry stare;
Covered in silk, yet . . .
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Bound In Chain
Standind in the valley of wreck,
Sitting under the cidar canopy,
Mind so troubled,
Thoughts, of an unseen world,
An unexpected void i happen to be lost in.

My mind quackes,
My body is shrivelled
Dances to the tune of 'drummer heart',
Lonely and hapless,
Like a . . .
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