Eagle Itzaburd Poems

Eagle Itzaburd Poems

2I Waited For You

Best Poem of Eagle Itzaburd

As I wait for you my heartbeat only goes faster.

Is all I can think as I wait for you to enter class.
I can think about other things too, like you smile and your laugh
When you look in my direction and greet me,
I congratulate myself for reaching the status where you feel the need
to say 'hey'

I . . .
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I Waited For You
When you said you were off to war
I cried and asked you not to leave
You replied solemnly:
“It is duty and in duty I believe”

I heard the news after every battle
And checked the mail everyday
Always disappointed to receive nothing from you
No news, no joy, nothing

Due to my worry,
P . . .
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