A Rahman Jamal Poems

A Rahman Jamal Poems

1Confessing Your Love
2Just An Intro

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Confessing Your Love
When words are left unspoken
Hearts are often left broken.
So if you want to confess to someone
Do it before she is forever gone.

If you've never felt this way before
Don't let her walk out of your life's door.
She may never come back
And In your heart, there will be left a crack.

Everyday . . .
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Just An Intro
Best Thing Since Sliced Bread.
Soon My Name Will Be Spread.
By Then, I Hope I'm Not Dead.
I Never Look Back, Only Ahead.

Sometimes life deals me a crap hand.
I try not to let it bother me.
I just want things to go
the way they were planned.

I'm always drawing random things
On the . . .
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