Best Poem of Wali Jamali

Mohabatun Main Shumaar Kaisa - Urdu Poetry
Mohabatun main shumaar kaisa?
- By. Shah Bano

Mohabatun main shumaar kaisa?

Yaqeen kaisa?
Gumaan kaisa?

Arooj kaisa?
Zawal kaisa?

Sawal kaisa?
Jawab kaisa?

Mohabatein tou mohabatein hain,
Mohabatun main . . .
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Ruined Heart
Love like things
stretched haphazardly over the years
receded into vicissitudes of life.

Grown like a plum fruit
rotten into an ugly heap.

It told a different story
of unfulfilled promises
of love
withered hopes
and untouched heavens.

Like . . .
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