P.R. Harikumar Poems

Best Poem of P.R. Harikumar

The Green Love
As usual-
In the evening-
I sat beside my friend –
The light blue river.
All the time-
It pats my feet-
With its chilly hands.

The River hummed a song for me-
A song of love-
An elongated love.
All the time-
I am looking at the river
The leaves and logs
F . . .
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A Word For Neva…………
Oh, Neva…
I see your waves flowing thru
The eyes of my beloved
Oh, Neva..
Beside your banks
Once in October
History became red
Was it a shadow of anything unreal?
And now –
You are in search of
A new face totally different.
I like you as my river Periyaar-
Which lost its glorious pas . . .
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