Best Poem of Obodokasi Ade'etem Agbor

On A Museless Night
Oh musing muse, were gone thee
Hath thou fade with winter glee?
Riding aloft whirl winds free
To coast i never pri'thee.

Shalt I by seas spare you wait?
Or sink to bed desiring fate?
Or make my ship and trail
Were my dear muse set sail?

Summer is gone but not far,
Hath my muse . . .
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Sounds Of Spring
A choir of clouds gathered and perched on hills
Making mild mounts as segmented bee hives
And then arose the fiery winds from North
To the course were its southern mate howled forth
On paths were they pined
Trees parried to let them pass
Not praying to dare the venom that trailed their paw,
At the square . . .
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