Best Poem of Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

Afforestation And Deforestation
Trees are felled for thousands of reasons.
Reasons are not sought to plant a tree.
That day my friend cut down his giant tree
As it was in wrong place as per Vastu.

Celebrate birthdays with planting trees.
Conduct death anniversary with planting.
Raise plantation instead of temples.
View the felling . . .
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Merciless Men
No bulls! All bullocks!
All castrated, libido arrested,
They toil for their men-folks.
All cows! Only to yield calves,
With no bulls to mate them,
Or to beat cows’ heat.
Just to milk for the folks!
Bulls no more masculine
To fall in love with cow;
Cows, though fully feminine,
Excite n . . .
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