Best Poem of S.W. Clark

Reflections Of A Parent
Chase these years of unconfined tears,
and take away my sorrows.
Let bands of dreams feel for me,
and remember no more tomorrows.
I fear I found a path untold,
yet many I see have traveled.
A road of dust and hopeless things,
of gloom and despair unraveled.
Is this my lot that looks so bland,
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Gossamer Son
Take the path
Question none,
Gossasmer Son.
Float along
enjoy the sun,
Gossamer Son.
Feel frivolous, faint and free
See the songs, sail the sea
be the big, beware the bee.
A Gossamer's you
and you is he.
So live this Life as God's given tree.
Eat it's fruit
try this . . .
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