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J R I Coleman Poems

2Ladybird Larva

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Ladybird Larva
The lolloping ladybird larva
Stands and raises it arms:
"Lord, O Lord, I'd much rather
Be dead than cope with these qualms! "
He screams it out to the heavens!
He cries it down to the plants!
I hate my flower! I want to fly!
He bellows and raves and rants!
He curls up, gently close his . . .
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I saw a bird today,
That, before, I'd never seen.
It graced the sky with wings of white
In purity serene.

I saw a bird today,
Not as nimble as the rest,
But it split the air upon the wing;
As skilful as the best.

I saw a bird today,
Singing loudly in a tree
And from its . . .
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