R.K. Cowles Poems

R.K. Cowles Poems

2A Cheapskates Generosity [humor]
3A Corn Shredder At A Palace Full Of Tarantula Juice [1920 Slang]
4A Cup Of Java And A Couple Of Sinkers [1920's Slang]
5A Dj And His Pjs [crossword Il]
6A Dream Of Oddness [crossword Xiv]
7A One Day A Year War Zone
8A Rareness Of Mysterious Thoughts [abstract Photo/Art]
9A Rarity In America [reality]
10A Ridiculous Scavenger Hunt List
11A Trip For Biscuit [1920 Slang]
12Adding To Six [humor]
13Afternoon Nightmare (Crossword Poem-I)
14Alters A Color [color Series]
15An Attitude Towards An Attitude [humor][performance]
16An Exploration Of An Autopsy [experimental]
17An Old, Scratched, Blemished Poem [performance][experimental]
18Animated Abode [dark]
19Atomic Tangarine [color Series]
20B&W, Red All Over [color Series]
21Babbling Without Logic (Experimental/Humor)
22Babysitter's Lament [performance] [humor] [children]
23Belutha Hatchie [1930 Slang Poem]
24Black Diamonds For Dead Gypsys [dark][death]
25Black I (Color Series)
26Blue I [color Series]
27Blurred Curviture [abstract Photo/Art]
28Book Of Matches
29Bourbon [bourbon]
30Brown [color Series]
31Butterscotch [color Series]
32Carnation [color Series]
33Casted By None
34Change Of Color [color Series]
35Chasing Shadows [thought]
36Chestnut (Color Series) (Holidays)
37Chicago [1920's Slang]
39Coercing The Judges [perfomance]
40Color Not Yet Been Named (Color Series)
41Content With Death
42Cosmic Fantasy
43Cosmic Latte [color Series]
44Cream [color Series][tea]
45Cruel, Cruel World [flip-Side][dark][reality]
46Crystal [color Series]
47De-Colorize [color Series]
48Deadly Stillness [abstract Photo/Art]
49Disclination Of A Preliminary Encounter [abstract Photo/Art]
50Distraught (Dark])

Best Poem of R.K. Cowles

A Cheapskates Generosity [humor]
I've been awarded a gratuity
From my employer
I'm feeling generous
Needing a celebration
To present my gratitude
To my confidants
Tap water for everyone
I'm paying
But only a petite glass
I didn't obtain
That bloated of a bundle . . .
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Snake Toenails [1920 Slang]
I inspect my voot

To see if there's an earful of wealth

To bet the bangtails

At the casino and racecourse

In upstate New York

I inspect my cubbard

For the hiding place for the sugar moon

To see if it's wet

I should see a head doctor

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