R.K. Cowles Poems

R.K. Cowles Poems

2A Cheapskates Generosity [humor]
3A Corn Shredder At A Palace Full Of Tarantula Juice [1920 Slang]
4A Cup Of Java And A Couple Of Sinkers [1920's Slang]
5A Dj And His Pjs [crossword Il]
6A Dream Of Oddness [crossword Xiv]
7A One Day A Year War Zone
8A Rareness Of Mysterious Thoughts [abstract Photo/Art]
9A Rarity In America [reality]
10A Ridiculous Scavenger Hunt List
11A Trip For Biscuit [1920 Slang]
12Adding To Six [humor]
13Afternoon Nightmare (Crossword Poem-I)
14Alters A Color [color Series]
15An Attitude Towards An Attitude [humor][performance]
16An Exploration Of An Autopsy [experimental]
17An Old, Scratched, Blemished Poem [performance][experimental]
18Animated Abode [dark]
19Atomic Tangarine [color Series]
20B&W, Red All Over [color Series]
21Babbling Without Logic (Experimental/Humor)
22Babysitter's Lament [performance] [humor] [children]
23Belutha Hatchie [1930 Slang Poem]
24Black Diamonds For Dead Gypsys [dark][death]
25Black I (Color Series)
26Blue I [color Series]
27Blurred Curviture [abstract Photo/Art]
28Book Of Matches
29Bourbon [bourbon]
30Brown [color Series]
31Butterscotch [color Series]
32Carnation [color Series]
33Casted By None
34Change Of Color [color Series]
35Chasing Shadows [thought]
36Chestnut (Color Series) (Holidays)
37Chicago [1920's Slang]
39Coercing The Judges [perfomance]
40Color Not Yet Been Named (Color Series)
41Content With Death
42Cosmic Fantasy
43Cosmic Latte [color Series]
44Cream [color Series][tea]
45Cruel, Cruel World [flip-Side][dark][reality]
46Crystal [color Series]
47De-Colorize [color Series]
48Deadly Stillness [abstract Photo/Art]
49Disclination Of A Preliminary Encounter [abstract Photo/Art]
50Distraught (Dark])

Best Poem of R.K. Cowles

Snake Toenails [1920 Slang]
I inspect my voot

To see if there's an earful of wealth

To bet the bangtails

At the casino and racecourse

In upstate New York

I inspect my cubbard

For the hiding place for the sugar moon

To see if it's wet

I should see a head doctor

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World Sickness (Dark)
There's an illness on this Earth
I said there's an illness on this Earth! ! !
I'm not speaking of flues, colds
upset stomachs, fevers, nor dirrhea
I'm speaking of hatred
Indulging itself upon
Our greatest inner depths
of our minds
So we'll be compelled to discriminate
Produce clich├ęs upon . . .
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