Best Poem of Orran Ainmire

Three-Fold Inquiry Of Truth
A truth from without.
Revelations that are told,
incite trust and faith.

A truth from within.
Self-taught, self-love inspired.
Adamant knowledge.

Non-existant truth.
Chaotic twisting maelstrom.
Soft, unyeilding, dark. . . .
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Death Poem: Musings Of The Wanderer
Woe to him who be filled with dread,
Who doth rot from within like old loaves of bread.
Or to he who be encumbered by heavy heart,
Who hath found it replaced by lead.

Let he be known, for he is right,
To secede from conflict and race forth in flight.
For those who think see truely in their unseen of . . .
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