Best Poem of A. P. Herbert

Last Parade
Fall in, old friends—and then dismiss.
You never thought to part like this.
So long the bugle and the gun,
But not one chance to hit the Hun.
And yet, God knows, you've done your due;
Montgomery was based on you;
And when Montgomery went in
You were remembered in Berlin.

Fall in, old friends. We s . . .
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Any Englishman To His Son
My lad, I like America a lot,
And she can give us much we haven't got.
By all means speak like some Chicago tough
If England's English is not clear enough.
By all means sing the songs of Hollywood
If 'Annie Laurie' is no longer good.
But two small things I must impress on you:
Pray do not jitterbug-AND DO . . .
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