faded hope Poems

faded hope Poems

1Jus Hangin
2Lost A Bit More

Best Poem of faded hope

Lost A Bit More
i'm runnin low as my time ticks
i feel for nothing now, emotionless
no pity no mercy, i couldn't care less
why the hell am i in this mess

i cant stop thinkin of how easy it would be
to end my time, i dont wanna be me
but theres somethin there i dont see
holding me back from cutting myself free . . .
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Jus Hangin
why do i feel i need to end
not knowin wats around the bend
why do i feel like i'm my only friend
my soul is to far gone to try an mend

why does the world not understand
that i'm doing the best i can
my motivation is down an weak
my heart is damaged
but my pride stands on its feet

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