C Marie Johnston Poems

C Marie Johnston Poems

1I Find
2I Hide
3I Seek

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I Hide
It is only in solitude
In undisturbed peace
The multitude benign
Novels of mystery and fiction
Or tunes bleeding out of buds
Combined with aloneness
I thrive

Noise of not just the city
But the voices unimportantly
Whine and unsubscribe
I can find no liberty
In this circus; . . .
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I Seek
If darkness is my companion
Than it’s equally my foe
And charcoal sketches blotted
Much like my mascara smudged
Now in this dimness I defend
All I can suppress until it’s

The night is not so bleak though
Because it makes a perfect cloak
To mask the hidden treasure
I call my own . . .
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